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Zion Canyon is another gem of Southern Utah! "Our little corner of Heaven" locals call Zion. Indeed, with sheer, milky-white cliffs and pristine, curtained waterfalls, Zion is the most beautiful place in the west


The best way to enjoy the park adventure is to take a hike and we choose The Narrows! An Idea to hike through the Virgin River along the steep, stone mountains, looked very exciting. Also, being in the cool water, when it is almost 100 degrees outside, can not possibly be wrong.
So, we caught a bus, the PArk has very convinient shuttle bus system, got off at Temple of Sinawava parking lot, and went down the river. Short and pleasant stroll about one mile, brings you down to The Narrows

The Virgin river has craved spectacular gorge in the upper reaches od Zion Canyon-16 miles long, up to 2000-feet deep and at times only 20-30-feet wide.

The Narrows, with its soaring walls, sandstone grottos, natural springs, and hanging gardens became unforgettable expirience.
Hiking The NArrows means hiking in the Virgin Rriver. At least 60 percent spent wading, walking, and somethimes swimming in the river.
The current is swift, the water may be cold and deep, and the rocks underfoot are sleeppery, but its all irrelevant. We are moved by surroundings and majestic walls give us energy and inspiration. IMG_1028.jpg

There is no formal destination, but some hikers are trying to get to junction with orderville Canyon, which is probably 2 hours upstream from the paved trail. We werent that lucky!! But thats ok. There is always next time!
We did it!!!!

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Bryce Canyon

Southwest, Utah

sunny 96 °F

"Lets" fun begin" with words of excitment we started to go down to Queen's Garden trail.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Bryce Canyon, Utah

We could not find Navajo Loop in the beginning and not because it was difficult. We were simply stunned by spectacular viestas of the canyon. Then decision came quickly just to follow Queen GArden trail and somehow proceed to Navajo loop.

It was very sunny and warm (read hot), but nothing like our usual august weather at the east coast. First view of Amphitheater

Bryce Canyon Utah overlook  from Sunrise point, elevation 8015

Bryce Canyon Utah overlook from Sunrise point, elevation 8015

Bryce is not like anywhere I've ever been before. Mother Nature did a great job by creating such a wonderful place of colors, texures and beauty. All these spiral rocks formation looks so fragile and very similar to sand castles that my kids like to build on the baech. Those bizzare stone spires are actual effects of wind, weather and erosion. Orange and related to that pastel colors on azure-blue sky awake and stimulate ones imagination



Bryce canyon

Bryce canyon

Anyway, we were continue our way down to the bottom to Bryce Creek or its dry bed. As you pHere hiking become pleasurable as yoiu pass by the little woods with pine trees, little breath
If you decide to stop and take a little rest or snack on something there is a nice "stone umbrella" . When hiking do not underestimate the weather, make sure to take plenty of water. The effect of the sun and the heat can result in rapid dehydration. So we were drinking water, really drinking it
Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Lunch time

Lunch time

After snack and couple of turns we reach "wall street"! What a magnificient walls, so huge and orange. This part of a canyon gets its name because of resemblance to the New York City street and its skyscrapers, is one of the many highlights along this route. The numerous switchbacks bring you 500 feet up to the Rim of the canyon

Bryce, Utah

Bryce, Utah

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon


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Go hiking

Beautiful weather is a shame to waiste. Jump in the car and in 2 hours ahhhhh, fresh clean air, bright sun, and all these pretty colors start coming out in the beginning of October.
Minnewaska means "clear water", one of the five unique sky lakes, including also Lake Awosting, Lake Haseaco ( mud pong), Lake Maratanza and Lake Mohonk. All these lakes were formed in part by the Ice Age Glacier that covered this area roughly 15,000years ago. Today four of the 5 lakes are filled primarily by rain water Interesting enough but there is no facts available what is it in the fifth lake? But somewhere I read that rain water in Minneewaska lake become very acidic due to pollution, so no wonder lake is so clean, noone can survive in acidic pH ever!!


The Park is situated on the dramatic Shawangunk Mountain Rodge, wich rises more then 2,000 feet above the sea level. The Rifge consist of gray Shale and white Shawangunk conglomerate. Land of the White Rocks....


We took a pleasant walk around the lake. Breathtaken views of Huson valley appear suddenly when you reach Castle Point.


We ended up our circular walk by just sitting on the steep, stony cliffs enjoying once again stunning views of the lake


Exploring the area we discover couple of water falls, and first one called Awosting. The stream feeding the falls flows out of Lake Awosting


Sheldon falls were the last ones.



The lower Cascade



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